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by Marcus

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Fully 40 percent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year, according to GoHR.com. In addition, 70 percent of staff members would be at least somewhat likely to leave their jobs for an organization known for investing in employee development and learning, according to the Harris Poll. 

These proportions increase with shifts in team member demographics and point to the value of training and development in decreasing turnover and increasing team member recruitment and satisfaction.

Team members, owners, and companies fall into ruts. This must be overcome if they’re to realize their potential and experience the happiness and success they desire. The way out of this stagnant state is through consistent and ongoing learning opportunities that expand the skills and mindsets of the team and professional development that challenges and expands the capabilities of team members over time.  

Consistent trainings provide opportunities for team members to learn, grow and develop their abilities. However, trainings are often sporadic and lack follow-up and follow-through. For any training or professional development program to be effective, it must be conducted regularly and delivered by a competent and engaging professional. Participants must be willing to learn. Moreover, trainings must be applicable and reinforced in day-to-day operations.

The ultimate success of any team depends on this highly effective approach of training, coaching, and targeted professional development. When you research the greatest companies, you find solid business models that include consistent, ongoing, and effective professional development.

People come alive with clarity, direction, excitement, and motivation when working with a dynamic trainer who connects with them. Those who want to learn and grow stand out. They listen intently, ask questions and reach for even more with open eyes and receptive minds. Most people desire to learn. When given the opportunity and learning that’s supported in an ongoing and consistent way, they become more competent and self-confident.

Trainings also help identify team members who are unmotivated, don’t want to learn and grow and present obstacles to the success the rest of the team strives to achieve. Once these people are identified, further work can be done with them on a one-on-one basis to help them become an asset. If, however, it’s determined this isn’t going to happen, letting these individuals go positions your company to hire up and bring on potential top performers.

While providing trainings that solely enhance the technical skills of your team are better than nothing, it’s the trainings that teach your people how to manage their minds that are far more effective and long lived. If you truly desire to stretch the capabilities of yourself and your team, trainings must be engaging, challenging, and empowering to the very thought processes of those in attendance.

One of the best ways to assist yourself and your team members is through targeted trainings to overcome gaps in behaviors, business acumen, emotional intelligence, motivation, and skills. Unbiased and statistically accurate assessments identify specific gaps in individuals and teams. Using this vital information, a professional development expert can target areas that present obstacles to top performance. 

Targeted, effective trainings infuse your company with new information as well as energy, fresh perspectives, strategies, and tools. When talented and motivated individuals are stimulated through trainings and their growth is supported through coaching and professional development initiatives, they rise to new heights in their capabilities and performance. When this is coupled with a sustained internal effort, the return on your investment is significant.

Talented, motivated, and competent people are at the very core of successful companies. Their skills and the strength of their mindsets allow them to operate at their highest levels on a consistent basis.

If you make the wise choice to expand the capabilities and confidence of your team members in 2022, ensure a greater return on investment by making high-quality coaching, professional development, and trainings a consistent and ongoing part of your business culture. The payoff will be more effective team members as well as less turnover, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, a stronger team, and greater success.

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This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper. Access the article here.

To learn more about this topic or discuss your unique situation, schedule a FREE EXPLORATORY SESSION by filling out the form below or submitting your information on our Contact Request Form.

This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper.


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