Coaching that ignites your greatness.

Is it fun being you?

Life Is Great!™ Coaching & Consulting is a full spectrum coaching company offering a wide variety of targeted and comprehensive coaching and consulting programs.

We do not offer generic, one-size-fits-all coaching programs. Instead, through an extensive collaboration and evaluation process, each program is purposefully designed to meet the unique needs of each individual client and organization.

Every situation is unique. You are unique.

Coaching Programs

By focusing on the here and now vs the distant past or unknown future, we will work together to unlock your potential, overcome limiting beliefs, enhance communication, build confidence and self-worth, increase happiness, tap into personal power, and much more.

The Inspired Individual™ is designed for those wanting to improve personal performance, set new goals, and achieve measurable results in all areas of life.

Our relationships are at the core of all interactions we experience, both personally and professionally. Creating empowered and successful relationships that continue to grow and evolve over time contribute to feelings of ongoing happiness and satisfaction.

The Resilient Relationship™ is designed to develop strong relationships: couples, partners, siblings, parents/children, families, co-workers, and more.

Leadership is a critically important skill. Parents lead. Friends lead. Community members lead. Business owners lead. Learning to be a strong, effective, unwavering, and respected leader will serve you well in all areas of your personal and professional life.

The Learned Leader™ is designed to maximize your ability to step into existing and new realms of leadership with confidence, ease, and enthusiasm.

Business owners and executives have opportunity and responsibility when it comes to growing the companies in their charge. Navigating the ever-changing landscapes of operations, team development, and customer service have never been more important.

The Caring Company™ is designed to identify critical areas of need, enhance communication, increase productivity, and develop effective teams.

Meet Your Success Coach

Marcus Straub smiling in front of red rocks

Congratulations on your decision to seek out the guidance of a committed, caring, and consistent coach! With Step #1 of a very important process now out of the way, the question becomes: Who do you hire? And why?

Not all coaches, consultants, and programs are created equal. After 20 years of dedicated service to his clients, Marcus has become one of the most sought-after coaches by individuals and companies around the world.

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s get acquainted and see if working together is right for YOU.

Marcus Straub is a Certified Value-Added Associate for Targeted Training International (TTI), Inc and Certified Facilitator for Indigo Education Company. In 2011 he was recognized as “International Coach of the Year” by The Coaching Institute (originally known as Comprehensive Coaching University) and remains the only coach to be nominated for three consecutive years. He has also been a featured guest speaker and presenter for many organizations and a newspaper columnist for The Business Times Newspaper since 2010.


Outstanding Results

“Marcus worked with RSW Partners in providing motivational and sales training to one of our major clients. The results were outstanding. Marcus has the ability to engage diverse groups and lead them to discover their individual power and improve their personal lives and work situations. It is a winning formula and Marcus is a winning choice.”

Tom Sawyer, Former President, RSW Partners

An Agent of Change

“Marcus is an agent of change in ones heart. He communicates in ways most cannot and lifts your spirit with wisdom and peace. It is because he walks this way, that he can guide you with confidence and grace. I was lost in my own mind and caught in a trap of self deception and sabotage when I hired Marcus. In 5 focused meetings he changed my path forever. I am grateful and will always recommend his guidance to those willing to grow. Thanks Marcus!”

Patrick Bland, Owner/Head Coach, Crossfit Red

Dynamic & Immediate Results

“Marcus has applied his relentless positive approach, helping students to visualize their strengths and to challenge their weaknesses. My students can spot insincerity a mile away, and Marcus not only passes their litmus test, he engages the students in productive applications of their learning within literally a minute. By being realistic and positive, Marcus helps students to learn the important lessons necessary to be successful. I find his approach dynamic and the results immediate.”

Al Kreinberg, R-5 High School

Creative Ideas & Tools

“I highly recommend the coaching services provided by Marcus Straub. My time spent with Marcus was of great value to me. Learning creative ideas and tools has been life changing. My business has benefited, as well as, my personal life.”

Angie Taylor, Agent, Countrywide Realty

Marcus Leads by Example.

“Marcus leads by example, which is perhaps his defining feature.

He is a skillful life communicator, who asks the right questions, pays attention and gives incredible feedback. Marcus is gentle in receiving what I see, what I fear, what I hope, but he also holds me accountable.

Marcus works with those he comes to know, to not just take the time to identify what would make life more fulfilling, but to also make it happen.

He is willing to help, but endeavors to assist all of us in becoming our own advocate in this life, and that´s a powerful perspective with which to interact with the world.”

Rebecca Teitelbaum


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Does Your Leadership Inspire, Support, and Motivate?

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Want to Compete? Get Empowered, Not Embittered

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