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Life Coaching

At first, I sought Life is Great Inc. to help me through a case in which my license may have been suspended– to lend credibility to my defense that I was working on changing and being a more responsible part of society. Soon into my first meeting with Marcus I picked up on a great opportunity for so much more.

Marcus is great at deciphering what method will work best with me. I don’t feel he’s ‘prescriptivist’, as in he doesn’t lay down steps or ‘orders’ to follow. He helps you externalize and explore your mind-space, ever so subtly picking at and tweaking your perception of yourself with a professional outsider’s point of view. I never felt judged, intimidated, looked down upon, or forced into any mind-set. It feels like one is experiencing oneself in a different light — a shift of expectations and point of view.

Speaking with Marcus has helped me immensely in shaping my present and future outcomes. The bulk of the work lies with the individual for sure– but Marcus’ style also gives the impression like he’s not even there while he is guiding you, as though you came up with it all and he’s just adding his 2 cents. But all the while the style of feedback and the influx of different views on ideas without being ‘intrusive’ really worked for me. I’m convinced he adjusts greatly to account for each individual he helps.

If feeling as though you’re being led away from “yourself” or that your ideas may be rejected outright is keeping you from seeking help or guidance, then Marcus will certainly dispel those fears soon after you meet him. He really is more of a shaper of what’s already there within you, and he doesn’t expect you to develop radical new thoughts or habits out of the blue. His expectations on outcomes really make it feel easy going and natural even when the ideas being exchanged add up to quantum leaps of change within the true seeking individual.

Ander Aotola

Life is GREAT!

Marcus did an amazing job of connecting with me and my personality. He kept me on task and made sure that I was sticking to my daily goals and made sure I was making efforts in my life that I needed to make. The eight weeks I spent with Marcus really was monumental and changed my life. I went from working and living in a place that I wasn’t happy to now having my dream job and living in an environment that keeps me happy. To anyone who is thinking about taking this opportunity, I couldn’t urge you more to take advantage of it. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made for yourself!

Bradley Martinez


Marcus Straub has enabled me to become a better Executive Director and person. At the same time, he has made an impact on me both personally and professionally. Through our work together, I came away with both a better understanding of how people might perceive my actions as well as how I could improve my overall skill set. He helped me to better manage my relationships while showing me how I could establish clear, measurable goals for my staff and organization. Furthermore, he has helped me to understand issues from different perspectives. Marcus challenged me in the areas I needed to address, guiding me to move and grow beyond those issues. His ability to ask insightful questions and get at the heart of problems allows you to grow quickly. He is always upbeat and willing to listen and guide you towards a more positive direction. I am now a far more effective executive than I would have been without Marcus.

Cassidee Shull

Executive Director, Colorado Association for Viticulture & Enology (CAVE)

Simply put, Marcus’ life coaching is effective, insightful, and has had a lasting positive effect on my life and my marriage.  At a time when I could not help myself and sought the counseling of a professional, Marcus’ help was effective where others’ were not.  I very much appreciate and resonate with his holistic approach to creating a healthy, happy life.  As cliche as it sounds, I know that I am a better human being for having worked with him.  Thank you, Marcus.

Erika Clements


It was great to meet you listen to you speak on Wednesday night at the REIN meeting in the Freemason building. Your presentation was inspiring, powerful, and full of great stuff!

I really enjoyed talking with you, and I’m looking forward to our free 1/2 hour session. I’m mentally preparing a list of questions I have for you, and I really look forward to developing a friendship with you.

Thanks again for such a great presentation, it was truly an honor to have the opportunity to listen to you. I really felt the good vibrations beaming from you. Your kind words and warm hug has left me with a wonderful feeling and brings a smile to my face each time I remember it.

With warm regards,

Aaron Frick

Aaron Frick


“Move through your day slow enough so you can hear what you need to hear, to see what you need to see, so you can do what you need to do, to be the best you can be; so that you can enjoy your life.”

This quote from Marcus has changed my life in such a positive way. It has changed how I interacted with my family, friends, co-works, and clients and the results are amazing. In my life, I have slowed down and followed these steps and it has bettered my relationships because I listened, at work, I can hear what the client needs, and I am able to help them quickly and effectively. Just listening to people has created less stress not only for me, but others around me, and this has helped me enjoy my life. Thank you Marcus for your guidance!

Carrie Black

Customer Service Specialist, Autopaychecks, Inc

Thank you Marcus for helping me find who I truly wanted to be. You gave me the tools needed to really look at myself and to see, I do have self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love.

I have always tried to be a good person, but something was always missing in my life. Life has changed for me now. Every day, I wake up feeling blessed and amazed at how great and beautiful the world is around me. Marcus, you are a wonderful coach. You have been given a gift you share, with anyone who comes in touch with you daily. You listen and help others, just by being in their presence. I will forever continue to be a better and happier person because of you. Thank you, my wonderful friend.

Linda Reese

Since meeting and working with Marcus my life has changed immensely. I have learned how to live my own life, make my own choices based on my happiness, and now I feel like I am standing on solid ground. My happiness has become a priority in my life. With happiness, I feel I can accomplish anything, without it I feel lost. I know have the tools to keep happiness apart of my everyday life! Marcus has helped me learn to love myself and be grateful for the gifts this life has given me.

Mande Galbelson

Ava Sweet Cakes, LLC

I had an incredible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented to me when I won a contest, “The Body and Soul Makeover” from “The Dream Team.” This dream team consisted of a variety of services, including Life Coaching, skin rejuvenation, and many other services. I knew immediately that this was an incredible opportunity, but what I didn’t know was how incredible the people were that I was about to meet.

Marcus was one of those people. He is an incredible person who has a real talent for what he does. He has an incredible knack for putting things in perspective. The things he taught me about myself have changed the way I look at my life. I have always been an extremely shy person, always worrying about what others think of me, but now when I start feeling this way, his voice pops into my head and a calmness just falls over me, and I smile. He gets so excited when you come in with a success story that he can hardly stay in his chair, and it makes you feel like you really have someone on your side. He has an incredible energy and personality. He is so “real,” and he really listens, not just with his ears but with his heart. Marcus is a really incredible friend and anyone who knows him is all the better for it.

Thank you, Marcus, for all you have done for me. You really are a huge part of “The Dream Team”… such a perfect name for this team. I hope you all continue this contest next year because I would love for someone else to experience this opportunity as I did. It was so much more than I could have imagined.

Shirley Tomsai

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me! Just got straight A’s in my first semester!! You’re the best!

Alyssa Harbert

I am so glad that I reached out and decided to get coaching from Marcus. Within minutes of meeting him, I knew that he was the coach for me. I was “stuck“, and needed to figure out some important details to create momentum in building my business. Marcus worked me through, not only the details, but helped me to work past the mental roadblocks that have kept me from moving in the past. I have more confidence and a better understanding of what motivates me. I have formed new habits that will ultimately support me and all those I have the honor to work with. I decreased the time it would have taken alone by working with a coach that truly listened with compassion and held me accountable to the goals we set each week. Marcus is a phenomenal coach. 

Kim Harrison

I am deeply grateful for the guidance and coaching I received from Marcus over the last few months.  He helped me to reconnect with my passion and step back and take a look at situations in my life from a new perspective; seeing things as they “could be” versus “should be.”  Marcus has such compassion and wisdom, and his gratitude for LIFE is infectious.  Thank Marcus for challenging me, for asking insightful questions, and for listening with love and kindness, and no judgment. Anyone looking to find more meaning, balance and happiness in their life will benefit from time with Marcus. His coaching has enriched my business as well as my personal life, and reminded me of the importance of having gratitude for every moment, every situation and every person in my life.  I am truly blessed to have met Marcus! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Laura Harris, MA

Network Marketing Leader

Marcus is an agent of change in ones heart. He communicates in ways most cannot and lifts your spirit with wisdom and peace. It is because he walks this way that he can guide you with confidence and grace. I was lost in my own mind and caught in a trap of self deception and sabotage when I hired Marcus. In 5 focused meetings he changed my path forever. I am grateful and will always recommend his guidance to those willing to grow. Thanks Marcus!

Patrick Bland

Owner & Head Coach, CrossFit Red

THANK YOU Marcus, for all the words of advice and encouragement that you have given me. I feel that the things you have taught me have greatly impacted my life, and that I can now impact the people around me at my new job. The opportunity that I have to help my co-workers become who they want to be is amazing!!! You are such a blessing!!! Thank you!

Sonja Massey-Cook

Are you ready for a positive change in your life? If you are serious about moving forward, discovering who you are and who you can become, then it’s time to allow Marcus Straub into your life. I felt that I had my life in perspective, but I knew there was one element that needed exploring. Something I feared for many many years. Marcus gently, loving and skillfully helped me to discover my true self. Thank you, Marcus, for helping to make my life whole and complete.

Todd Hoyt

What would it be like to wake up and find that you did not dread the coming day, but looked forward to it? If you found yourself smiling at strangers as you passed them, or looked in the mirror and thought simply that you were wonderful? Imagine if you had the power to gather up your whole world, your life, and to shape it and change it like clay, and create out of it something profound, something beautiful and unique. It sounds like a modern age fairy tale, but I assure you it is not. This is what Marcus offers us. I have watched Marcus persistently and compassionately work, day by day, week by week, month by month, to encourage, support, and counsel myself, my mother, and the business I am employed at to heights I often wondered if any of us were capable of achieving.

In my work, Marcus has helped create a system of support and communication that I’ve never seen in a business before. He helped bring us together to achieve real communication and real camaraderie, be more creative and driven in our work and goals and experience less stress and more satisfaction in our work. I’ve had the privilege of working with Marcus personally as well, and the least I can say is that I am forever grateful. He truly encourages and supports all of us reaching our potential, creating our own happiness, empowering us to be the best of ourselves. Never again will I be happy operating on auto-pilot, being alive but not really living.

Most impressive, to me, are his achievements with counseling my mother. A woman I’ve spent my lifetime trying to help, trying to change, trying to fix, whom I love and admire but had lost all hope for, has spent a year working with Marcus, and in that year I’ve seen her affect changes in herself that I had given up hope of ever seeing. She’s become more confident, less self-condemning, happier and less afraid. Finally, a woman so full of love and life has started to come back to herself and the world. These changes happen because Marcus has the gift of showing us how to create them. We all have challenges, personal demons that weigh on us and tear us down, but they do not have to be our future. I encourage anyone, for any reason big or small, to dig down deep inside themselves and find the courage (it’s connected to Hope) to take the leap, like I did. You may find yourself on a journey that, while you never imagined, you always hoped for.

Jennifer Goodwin

Marcus is a benevolent soul and a charismatic leader. His intuitive, wise, spirited and focused guidance has helped make me an all around better person. I suffered a physical injury that was treated by some of the best doctors and therapists in the world, and yet I never healed properly. Having always been active and fit, the new diminished physical capacity was taking over my body and mind in a very negative manner. Marcus reawakened the good, positive and healing spirit in me. Now I am getting stronger with each passing day and I feel great! Marcus, I am eternally grateful to you.

Peggy Pilmore

I have traveled the world extensively, lived in the Caribbean, as well as, Hawaii and I have yet to meet anyone as inspired, motivated and positive as Marcus. His approach to life is unique, and one to be emulated, as it focuses on love, acceptance and compassion. I am so blessed to have Marcus in my life, as I feel that my life has been enriched. Marcus is more than a friend, he is a true brother.

Mike Lawton

Life is like an ocean, but through Marcus, I was able to unlock the deep secrets of it. I never imagined life could be so great, but now I am living that life, and still unlocking more secrets to have my life become the best it can be. My life today is better than it has ever been, and I can only thank Marcus.

Milena Johnson

Life is GREAT! Marcus did an amazing job at connecting with me and my personality. He kept me on task and made sure that I was sticking to my daily goals and made sure I was making efforts in my life that I needed to make. The eight weeks I spent with Marcus really was monumental and changed my life. I went from working and living in a place that I wasn’t happy in to now having my dream job and living in an environment that keeps me happy. To anyone who is thinking about taking this opportunity I couldn’t urge you more to take advantage of it. It will be the best decision you’ve ever made for yourself!

Bradley Martinez

When I started working with Marcus in 2015, my world changed. Little did I know that one reluctant decision would turn into the next four years of my life. Within those four years, we navigated my way through multiple life shifts. It took a whole lot of effort and a great deal of willingness on my part, but slowly, together, we discovered who I was becoming and I began to learn the tools necessary to successfully navigate future life chapters, challenges, and obstacles. I was able to dissect myself and learn all about me, the strong-willed, smart, powerful woman who struggled to make decisions and battled an inner fight with perfectionism. I was discovering my purpose, passion, and direction, and I was having fun doing it!

Four years later, I have completely changed my life. I’m continuing to discover my true self as I progress and evolve. I’ve started and completed school, created a business, learned that it’s okay to feel totally vulnerable and take chances, but most importantly I have learned that I can do just about anything that I don’t choose to hold myself back from.

Marcus is a rare individual filled with compassion, patience, charisma, and drive; he defines authenticity. He always met me where I was at, providing the perfect amount of accountability and non-judgment. I would always say, “You’re stuck with me forever.”, but Marcus never wanted me to feel the need to rely on him forever. His goal was that one day I would have the self-confidence and tools to venture out on my own and be the most successful, best version of myself. Marcus was not only my life coach, but he is also my mentor and friend. I cannot express enough the gratitude and appreciation I have for him. He helped change my entire life!

Ashley Shuster

Going into having a life coach I didn’t know what to expect.  My life at the time was full of stress and difficulty and I was trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in, both at work and personally.  Marcus really set me at ease from day one.  He helped me learn some new coping skills and help me better understand myself.  I am in a much better place just a year later and I am forever grateful for his help.  From day one I felt like I was sitting with an old friend from school.  He listened to what I said and gave me advice on how to handle these situations.  Not only did he listen, but he also tried to understand and put you at ease knowing you aren’t alone.  But also, with helpful tools to fix the problem or make the problem a little more bearable.  I would recommend anybody feelings lost, whether in life or with work, to work with Marcus.  It’s really nice to have a friendly person on your side.

Brandon Cooper

2017 General Manager of the Year, Domino's Pizza

Marcus is passionate about coaching, and it shows. He is able to connect and empathize in ways that are sincere and genuine while  bringing sometimes seemingly unrelated components together to develop a clearer picture.  He is able to break down complex subjects and ideas into actionable goals, while being gentle and supportive, even when the topic has strong emotional associations.  It is clear that he truly cares about the individuals he works with.  As someone who is generally skeptical, I would highly recommend Marcus as a coach, regardless of whether you are looking for help in your professional or personal life, or if you are just looking for greater insight into yourself.

Patrick Bruen



Thank you so much for all your training this week. I really enjoyed all of your training. In line with my D personality, I constantly have many running goals with one large goal in mind. The past year I have spent a lot of time working on listening and living with intent. It was very cool to see some of the things I have been analyzing and utilizing in my head put into words. Your training put a lot of unfinished thoughts together for me. I look forward to future trainings with you.

Tara King

Teacher, Caprock Academy

In Marcus’ book entitled Is It fun Being You? The Journey To Lasting Happiness, you will find yourself sitting behind the wheel of your personal life, your personal vehicle to get you from where you are at NOW to where you not only yearned TO BE but NEED to be for lasting personal happiness. In this book, your journey will begin with a full tank of easy and practical processes, processes that incorporate “something” called TDSF. You’ve never heard of this before? Maybe it’s because you just may not be where you WANT to be nor NEED to be in your life. Once on this journey and in your rearview mirror, you will see your past thought, behavior, and verbal patterns that have driven your feelings. Invest a little money in the book or better yet, do that AND invest a little time to attend one of Marcus’ presentations! Start your journey and don’t look back!

Bob Miller

(Former) Operations & Facilities Coordinator, HopeWest

Marcus: You are my friend, mentor, coach, and angel. You are so full of joy and happiness that I am compelled to listen to every word that you say so that I can glean your secrets! You share all, and also listen to me with compassion and respect. I feel greater peace and happiness in my life since working with you. The process that you use is amazing and insightful. The tools that you have given me are helping me with my family, at work, and in every situation. I hope to work with you in the future as well. This was a great investment in myself! THANK YOU!

Clara Ward

Marcus is truly an amazing man.  He knows and understands people, relationships, leadership, and success like nobody I’ve ever met.  He works with teams, individuals, owners, executives, and just regular folks. 

He also uses an amazing company called Target Training International (TTI) to objectively assess strengths and characteristics. We’ve been using their Job Benchmarking process and I’m totally sold. Our new wholesale rep is selling about 50% more than our previous rep and our team is operating at a much higher level because of the training he’s done with me and my leadership team.  He’s one of the main reasons I have the freedom to help with CAVE.  Can’t say enough good things about him.

Glenn Foster

CEO, Talon Wine Brands

I found myself in a spot that felt like I was completely spinning my wheels. A suggestion was made that I see Marcus. I liked him from the moment I spoke to him over the phone. Even after a short call, I already felt uplifted and more positive than the day before. I didn’t know what I needed but I did know at that moment that with Marcus’ help I was going to make improvements on my outlook.

In meeting Marcus in person the first time, I saw an individual that had an infectious outlook on life. It was then that I knew I wanted and needed to have a better outlook on all facets of my life. Marcus quickly had me realizing that the biggest obstacle I was facing was my own train of thought. We immediately started working on my thought processes and truly trying to understand them. I found at first that I was “correcting” myself many times per day. I had never really analyzed my own thoughts before. After searching for the origins of obstructive thoughts for a period of time, I noticed it becoming much easier to remain positive. Within a short period of time, less time was being spent on self-analysis and more time on being productive.

Rather than anticipating only the rough times, I found myself anticipating the good as well. With Marcus’ help, I was able to realize that I was not at a dead end but simply at a crossroad and it was up to me to determine which direction I took. Marcus helped me to understand how to be happier, more positive, and productive.

Does Marcus have all the answers? No. Does Marcus possess the tools and an excellent interpersonal skill set to help you find the answers? ABSOLUTELY!!! I could never have gotten to this point without his help and will never be able to thank him enough for being such an influence at a time I needed it the most and truly expect that influence to last a lifetime. I would recommend Marcus to anyone.

Jim Quillin

Internal Auditor, Glacier Bankcorp

I recently had the opportunity to participate in Team Trainings with my coworkers at Autopaychecks, Inc. through Marcus Straub and Life is Great! Coaching & Consulting.

Marcus identified listening behaviors and communication behaviors used by people across the spectrum. His insights enabled us to identify our particular behaviors in listening and communication and worked through how we can communicate better with people in our work environment, family environment, and life in general.

I was amazed at the improvements in my life through Marcus’s work and the teachings are invaluable. I continue to work with myself, coworkers, and my family, and feel that I am living a more positive life. The way we listening to other human beings is the key to our success. I hope to work with Marcus in the near future.

Diane Hall

New Business Consultant, Autopaychecks, Inc

I cannot say anything about Marcus that has not already been said by someone else! Marcus listens. He is focused on you. He is the catalyst of positive change so that each of us can work to be who or what we want to be. Thank you Marcus for caring about humanity.

I think most people have heard the story of the man that is walking along the shore throwing beached starfish, one at a time, back into the ocean waters to save them from probable doom. Marcus is that person walking along the shores of life helping others with the difficulties that “beach” them in their business or personal existence. He gives you the push you need to help you swim back in the right direction. Thanks, Marcus for giving me a push!

Sonya Foster

Account Executive, Cobb & Associates

Marcus is simply the best Life Coach I’ve ever crossed paths with. His insight and coaching have changed my life and levels of contentment and happiness more than I ever imagined. He continues to work with my plumbing company’s leadership team to foster better communication and better results. He’s the real deal! Give him a shot!!!

Kenny Chapman

The Blue Collar Coach

For me, Marcus is an enlightened soul with great moral and spiritual wisdom who derives extreme joy from helping others realize their full potential. I came to Marcus for help with a personal crisis and at the very start he filled me with healing energy and hope. Marcus then continued to infuse me with energy and helped me to rediscover my potential with his great compassion, kindness, and gentleness, and firmer guidance when necessary to keep my healing going. Marcus was crucial in helping me to accept personal responsibility and fully utilize my gift of being alive to grow toward becoming what I really want to be – a far more compassionate, moral, and spiritual personal than I had every dreamed realistically possible.

Alan Wallace

Marcus is a man full of passion. It visibly radiates from him. He truly lives what he so passionately teaches. His desire to make a difference is very sincere. Marcus was able to help me break down the large looming things in my life. He taught me how to break things down, create meaningful and measurable goals, and start on a path towards achieving those goals. His wisdom has made a real difference for me as I head down a new path I have created. I believe that Marcus would be a very good source for helping you create a clearer, more efficient, and happier path for your life. 

Barbara Lengerich

A quick thank you seems so inappropriate for the amazing improvements that I have experienced in the quality and balance of my life with Marcus Straub’s help. I must tell you, since having been introduced to Marcus and applying his methods, I know that I am an all around better person, no doubt. My personal to business life balance is healthy and I feel empowered. Every day is a new opportunity, and I am so grateful for all that I have accomplished and excited for all that is to come! I have and will continue to passionately recommend Marcus as a source of inspiration and change to everyone that I know and meet – every person needs a Life Coach! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Marcus!

Sherri Brown

From the moment I met Marcus, I knew I had happened upon one of the most well-balanced, honest and trustworthy people I have met in a long time. I have never felt that Marcus has any hidden agendas or alternative motives. In the past year, I have worked with Marcus a great deal and have developed a great respect for his ability to work with all types of people. I truly believe that Marcus cares about the people around him. He does his best to help everyone he meets; a rare quality today. Thank you Marcus, for everything you have done for me, with me.

Keith Hutcheson

Since I’ve come to know Marcus Straub, I can honestly say that he has become one of the greatest influences in my life. He not only taught me the value of self-worth, but also opened my mind to all the possibilities I had, which gave me peace of mind and hope for the future. Marcus has become and always will be a great friend of mine!!

Daniel Creek

It seems kind of ironic to me that we have coaches for our golf swing, and that we can realize the importance of continuing with future lessons in order to improve our golf game, but we don’t put the same amount of energy into what’s most important – our game of life. Marcus Straub has enriched my life in so many ways that I cannot give him enough credit or thanks.

To break it down to the basics, Marcus has given me many tools to help me in my journey through life – tools that really work. Marcus makes it enjoyable to learn the process of using the tools he’s given me. He does this in a non-judgmental and encouraging way, while pointing out the obvious of staying focused and honed. The most incredible part of Marcus is that he is one of those few people to have good ideas AND implementation. He truly practices what he teaches. Every person I know who has come into contact with Marcus has been enriched by him. I classify Marcus as one of my closest friends and confidants; I consider myself lucky to have him as my coach. Marcus is one of those rare individuals who promises a lot, and always delivers more.

Dale Reece

Owner, Crossroads Fitness

The thing I have witnessed and admire in Marcus is his ability to turn a very trying situation into something very manageable. Marcus has an almost channeling-like ability to speak the truth from his heart, and a poetic way of putting life in perspective.

Joanne Pearson

When Marcus and I started working together, I was lacking direction and trying to figure out what would create personal fulfillment in my life. It feels great to be moving forward with my purposeful life, not worried about the judgment of others, and living life for ME. Thank you so much Marcus!

Christy Chapman

It’s hard to put into words how much Marcus has changed my life, both personally and professionally. Marcus has helped me to realize that what I want in life is not far out of reach if only I believe in myself. When I first came to Marcus, I was unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt lost and needed help finding direction. With Marcus’s coaching, I was able to see things differently. I started looking at obstacles/challenges more positively and realizing, why resist it when ultimately things change, that’s a part of life. I also learned that if you want others to respect you, you must first learn to love and respect yourself. I will be forever grateful to Marcus for his powerful words and motivation I so desperately needed.

Kara Bailey

Marcus Straub is one of if not the most influential person that I have ever had the honor of having in my life. He is 100% genuine and I am honored to say that he is not only a mentor but a true friend!

I met Marcus almost 6 years ago. I had just left a job that I was suffocating in, extremely overweight and more importantly unhappy with the path that I had chosen for myself thus far in my life. I began work as a Wholesale Representative at Talon Wine Brands and began working with Marcus as a result. Honestly, I was skeptical at firsts. I thought, “Who is this guy? How does he know so much about me? Why the heck is he SO happy all the time?”

Upon working with Marcus, I soon began to find out! The tools that Marcus gave me showed me ways to communicate better not only at work but with everyone in my life. He also showed me ways to truly look at myself and make improvements in all aspects of who I am as a Man, Father, and Leader. It’s not always easy however the tools that Marcus provides you are priceless in my opinion.

As a result of my work with Marcus, I have had the courage to look at myself, lose 120lbs, have deeper more meaningful relationships with those around me, and constantly strive to be the Man that I wish to be. I am now the General Manager of Talon Wine Brands and can unequivocally say that I would not be had it not been for the work I have done and continue to do with Marcus Straub!

James Ferguson

General Manager, Talon Wine Brands, LLC

Marcus is incredible! He really takes the time to sit and listen to what’s going on, then comes up with weekly goals to help us work through the specific issues. He is always willing to talk if I need advice or help in between sessions. 

I highly recommend Marcus as a life coach! I have been working with Marcus for various reasons over the past year and he has truly changed my outlook on life for the better. Not only do I feel more confident, happy, and positive, I have had numerous friends and family members say they have noticed the growth and happiness in me as well. I truly cannot thank Marcus enough. He was able to coach me through some of the hardest moments of my life and genuinely has helped me see the blessings in every up and down. Marcus utilizes a personality test to get a quicker, better, understanding of yourself in all aspects and tailors his coaching to your personality. Marcus is a keen listener and is always willing to give his best advice on how to see the greatness in every moment. Thank you, Marcus!

Mackenzi Cash

I can only speak to my personal journey working with Marcus. Two years ago I made the best decision for me for the rest of my life. The decision was difficult. It required separation. I wanted to find and become the best version of myself. I wanted to like and respect myself. I knew that only I could be responsible for my happiness. But how? I had talked the talk but knew the walk needed to be walked. Talk about fate. I was searching on the internet for a life coach. That being said, what exactly does a life coach do.

Picture an individual that doesn’t tell you what to do but helps you discover the path that is yours. And only yours.

Picture an individual that can encourage you to develop your enthusiasm and courage. Life pours into you and you discover the unique individual that you are.

Picture an individual that sees your potential.

Picture yourself being more fulfilled and happy than ever in your mind, body, and spirit. You know that you are living your purpose and getting to design your life on your terms.

Marcus is that individual. He is honest, compassionate, and objective. He accepts each client as a unique individual. He himself has many life experiences that contribute to his desire and skill to help others help themselves. Marcus will not do the work for you. He will be there to guide and encourage you. The journey is worth the time you take to walk the distance. It is not about the destination. Marcus is that coach that wants you to reach and embrace your whole person. He always has a smile and a positive outlook on life. It is contagious.

Becky Wride

Marcus’s coaching and training have been very useful and insightful to our organization.  Marcus brought a positive and engaging approach to our training sessions that encouraged our team members to openly engage where they would not have normally.  I have personally benefited from our coaching sessions and I have developed both professionally and personally.  Our team members have expressed their appreciation of Marcus’s training and as a team, I believe we are a much-improved group achieving a higher level of effective communication.    I would highly recommend Marcus to any organization seeking to improve its overall success.

Brian Woods

Clifton Sanitation District

Working with Marcus has brought some wonderful changes to the way I view my purpose in life, both professionally and personally.  He has opened my eyes to habits that have been holding me back and made me realize there is a tremendous amount of potential I already possess that I’ve just begun to scratch the surface of.  I’ve begun to look at what good can come from different events in life rather than dwelling on what could go wrong and have built the confidence I needed to do what I truly felt a calling to do in life.  Just as importantly, he’s taught me to stand up for myself when necessary and to stand my ground rather than always feeling like I needed to be the one to cede my position just to keep the peace.   Professionally, I no longer feel like I need to prove anything to anyone other than myself.  I’m excited to say Marcus has put me in touch with my strengths and helped me discover how to use them in a manner that brings happiness and financial success to both my personal life and professional self.  I would highly recommend Marcus to anyone looking to learn more about themselves and maximize their potential.  Thanks so much, Marcus!

Drew Wilkins

I am extremely happy!! Thank you, Marcus, for all of your support in my darkest of days, for helping me to stand up and step back, for helping me to see that where I was headed was not my true destiny! Thank you for being that person who coached me in the direction of my true destiny!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

John Krause

Marcus Straub is a wonderful man and a friend. When I first met Marcus I did not have a whole lot of self-worth. I let people walk all over me and take me for granted. I was not sure how to talk to people so they treated me with respect. Marcus taught me how to stand up for myself and how to be confident. He made me want to follow my dreams that I had locked away because I was too afraid to fail. Marcus has taught me to go for things I never thought I could go for. He has made me into a better person. He has helped me to achieve my full potential as a father and as a husband. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to work with Marcus and learn so many great things from him. Thank you so much.

Lucas Carter

Marcus, thanks so much for your coaching session. Everything about my EFT Practice has become crystal clear thanks to your acute listening skills. It has allowed me to make decisions that move me toward my goals instead of being blocks to progress. And allowed me to clearly visualize what I truly want!! I can unreservedly recommend you and your coaching skills to anyone who wants to move forward with ease and vigor — no matter where they are in their process!!

Gwen DeCino

Our work with Marcus Straub and his company Life is Great! Coaching & Consulting aimed to guide a group of leaders and managers to the next level of professionalism by educating and motivating the individuals to an improved understanding of personal strengths, potential limitations, and opportunities for growth.  The comprehensive reports and team meetings provided the needed insight to create momentum for emerging leaders.

I appreciated Marcus’s energy and passion for the topics and the consideration for individual members of the team.  He was able to explain and facilitate the discussions to make them meaningful and engaging.  Each individual walked away with detailed reports and goals for continued personal and professional growth and development.

Jackie Campbell

(Former) Divisions Director, Mesa County Clerk & Recorder

When I came to Marcus I was in pretty bad shape. My job was spiraling out of control, I had distanced myself from my friends because “I didn’t have time,” I felt alienated from my kids, and my relationship with my wife was on
shaky ground.

In a shorter time than I thought was possible Marcus was able to open my eyes and give me the tools to address all of these areas of concern. Things are so much better and are getting better every day.

If I had to sum up what working with Marcus has given me it is hope. If you are struggling with any area of your life I cannot recommend Marcus enough to give you help.

Matt Bashara

IT Director

Marcus has the ideal personality to be a Life Coach. He also truly has a deep understanding of his craft. He is a great listener and processes what I have to say and tailors his suggestions to my life and my world rather than providing stock answers and exercises. The results in my life have been substantial. I highly recommend Marcus to anyone considering hiring a Life Coach. You really made a difference in my life. Thanks a million!

Rick Schettino

Where do I begin in thanking Marcus for his incredible incite and positive guidance? Marcus was there for me at a time in my life when I felt hopeless and couldn’t bring myself out from the dark depression I was experiencing on a daily basis. In just a short few months, Marcus coached me back to healthy emotional, physical and spiritual wellness! I quickly began to understand that the fears and limitations I was experiencing in my life were directly correlated to the things I was thinking, ‘As a man thinketh so is he.’ Now I believe with all my heart that life is great and every moment is precious. I no longer allow others to manifest negative things into my life, I exercise five days per week and I look and feel healthy. I have become the spiritual person I was meant to be, I am the maker of my own destiny and am joyously living out my life!  I highly recommend Marcus’ professional and positive coaching! Thank you Marcus and joy to you my friend!

Donna J. Garcia

Life is a hoot: you have the daily demands of the job, the spouse, the kids, the house, the dog, the finances, the car . . . all vying for your attention and often simultaneously. Marcus helped me to see that the one person I was overlooking was me. He taught me that even as the storm of chaos churns about you it IS possible and effortless to remain in calm, peaceful water. I can allow myself to drift into the frenzy or I can stay in the calm waters but it is totally my choice. Marcus has helped me to see that. This simple choice has saved me countless hours and days of stress and I have relaxed and now enjoy my life again. The amount of gratitude I feel towards every gift in my life has expanded exponentially. Yes indeed, Life is Great! Thank you Marcus!

Scott Troy

Marcus leads by example, which is perhaps his defining feature. He is a skillful life communicator, who asks the right questions, pays attention and gives incredible feedback. Marcus is gentle in receiving what I see, what I fear, what I hope, but he also holds me accountable. Marcus works with those he comes to know, to not just take the time to identify what would make life more fulfilling, but to also make it happen. Marcus is willing to help, but he endeavors to assist all of us in becoming our own advocate in this life, and that´s a powerful perspective with which to interact with the world.

Rebecca Teitelbaum

I had come to a point in my life where I knew I needed some help. I didn’t want the lay down on a couch shrink kind of help, but I really needed someone else to help me get through the depressing self-sabotaging feelings I had. A friend of mine encouraged me to meet with Marcus. Hesitant but knowing something had to be done I met for the free consultation. Marcus has such a warm, inviting, and say anything persona about him it was easy for me to share with him my feelings. He was a breath of much needed fresh air. I began working with Marcus and saw my life turn around. Not in a miracle kind of way, but one where I was the person in the driver’s seat. I was making decisions I couldn’t make before, moving my life in a positive direction and reaping the benefits of it. Marcus gave ME the tools to change my life. Instead of being a victim of nearly every person and situation, I was able to see from a different perspective that let ME choose my own path. The rewards were incredible! You might say to yourself, ‘But I can’t afford to see someone right now.’ For me, the truth was, ‘I can’t NOT afford to see Marcus right now.’ It wasn’t all about the nominal fee – it was about regaining my individual power back.

Jim Smith

We would highly recommend Marcus’ inspiring coaching for all the personal, professional, and parenting challenges in your life! Marcus’ perspective is supportive and uplifting with all he does to help change lives! Time spent with Marcus will truly help you to learn what Marcus means when he says, “Enjoy your life as much as possible in each and every moment. Thank you Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Johnson Family

If you seek better direction, focus and relationships in your life, seek out Marcus Straub. He will take you on a wonderful journey of self-discovery that will free you to enjoy the best life for you.

Nancy Schaack

Marcus has a talent for helping others to get to the root of the problems that confront them. He helps you to deal with the issues in your life and business smoothly and accordingly. No matter how successful or happy you are, I guarantee that Marcus will take you to the next level. I highly recommend Marcus to anyone who wants a better life and a more successful business.

Alexei Yudin

Marcus sincerely cares for his clients. He has changed my life for the better. I feel like I am more aware of my feelings now, whereas before I just reacted, right or wrong. I know now, that my life is in my control and is not controlled by others. I have also learned that my life is the result of my choices. If you want to change your life for the better, choose Marcus Straub to help you too. It will change your life.

Cruz Herrera

I knew from the first time I met Marcus that he was different! Marcus is one of the most sincere, and kind people I have met. He listened to me pass blame, and more times than I’d like to admit, get on that pity pony. Nevertheless, he listened and he guided me with a firm but compassionate hand. Marcus has the ability to reach anyone’s level, and to be right there with you in all your garbage, all the while, bringing out the beauty and awe that is your life within. Marcus, you will always be my constant gardener. All my thanks to you my friend!

Pam Johnson

Imagine that you have experienced 50 straight days of pouring, icy rain. Suddenly the sun radiates through the clouds, stops the rain and beams down on everything. You feel warmer, your spirits are lifted and everything looks better. You can see again! This is the best way that I can describe who Marcus Straub is and what he does.

Sarah Savoie

Business Coaching

Our school has been working with Marcus Straub and his professional development coaching & training in listening and communicating effectively for several months and have been pleased with the results. 

The Listening with Integrity session that focuses on listening blocks and how to be a better listener has transformed how I listen to others.  My staff has commented as well that the training helped them understand how to be a better listener and break some bad habits that had formed.  In the Communicating with Integrity session, the staff has learned how to communicate more effectively with other staff members, students, and their parents.  Most of the staff participated in the DISC Assessment which helped us realize the differences in others and how to appreciate as well as more effectively communicate with one another. 

Marcus’ approach with my staff was heartwarming and he connected well with them.  I would highly recommend his listening and communication trainings to anyone who has employees that struggle to communicate with one another or others such as parents in a school setting.  It has helped us grow as a group and we continue to look for ways to implement what we have learned so we can be a more successful school.

Kristin Trezise

(Former) Headmaster, Caprock Academy


I have grown both personally and professionally this past year since you have been meeting with me to be my life coach. I know I was reluctant at first to start seeing you, and that was only because I was afraid of the unknown. I was unsure of myself, not able to even call myself the Director of the Fruita Chamber, and very uncomfortable being in a position of managing my staff. I had been to a personal life coach for approximately a year before I started to come to see you for the business life coaching, and guess I thought I could not grow any further, but was I ever wrong!

From the beginning, I was comfortable with you. You are so positive and upbeat, and it’s hard not to be influenced by your great outlook on life. After going over the assessment that I had taken with you, I was feeling a little out of place in my job and could see I had a lot of areas to change and grow before I could feel confident in my new position. Quite honestly, I didn’t think I could do it, and I’m pretty certain that at least a few of my board members felt the same.

After only 8 months of meeting with you:

I have met every benchmark that the board of directors had set for me.

I have become comfortable being the Director of the Fruita Chamber and the director of my personal life!

I have learned to CSR all negativity

Keep reminding myself that the glass is always more than half full

I know I can forgive and make peace with the past – this has been especially important due to the past management of the chamber and needed to detach from it. I am no longer in anyone’s shadow.

I have become a person of action by not procrastinating and it has helped in every facet of my job.

I have had a more decided heart and more forgiving spirit, which makes difficult people and situations easier to handle.

Stepping outside my comfort zone was something I would have never done before, and now I am running meetings, asked to speak at functions and sit on community boards, and feeling empowered.

I feel I have become a much more effective manager with my staff and maintain organization. This shows by our profit or “bottom line” this year.

Reading my goals and daily postings that you and I set together was instrumental in helping me to gain all of the above and the goal of 400 members that I thought was impossible.

Making the mental shift that I need to do all of these things in such a short amount of time was something I would not have done on my own. I am grateful to the board of directors and to you for helping me achieve my best this past year.

In 2014 I hope to continue to grow the membership to 430 members strong.

I would like to grow our communications with the Southside of Fruita and have started with a new Focus Group, but need to stay on track.

I am taking on a huge project in just the Centennial Celebration of the Fruita Fall Festival and need to keep the momentum going without fail to make our event successful and without burning out.

I feel I still have some struggles to overcome.

One personal issue that affects my professional life is my weight. I feel we are right on the tipping point of getting to the core of this very personal and difficult journey. It makes me uneasy about how other people perceive me and I don’t feel fully confident.

Also, I have a staff member that I struggle with and cannot seem to make a decision as to what is best for the chamber in this area. Much work is still needed here.

So, in conclusion, I am a changed-for-the-better person, and so grateful to have been in your “care” these past 8 months, but I hope my board and our budget will allow for my visits to continue so that I can be the best Director they could ask for.


Shauna D. Exner, Director | Fruita Chamber of Commerce

Shauna D Davies

(Former) Executive Director , Fruita Chamber of Commerce

I highly recommend the coaching services of Marcus Straub. My time spent with Marcus was of great value to me. Learning creative ideas and tools has been life-changing. My business has benefitted, as well as my personal life.

Angie Taylor

Agent, Countrywide Realty

I had the opportunity to coach with Marcus for several weeks. Marcus is very passionate and committed to helping others to overcome their challenges and find happiness in their lives. He is genuine, non-judgmental, and compassionate in his approach. He has a system that raises awareness as well as helps clients to understand their core beliefs that may be holding them back. I hired Marcus for business coaching but found his support to be invaluable in my personal life as well. Marcus guided me in looking at situations from a different perspective and holding the belief that life truly can be great every moment of every day! I’m grateful to Marcus, and I’m so happy he’s a part of our community.

Laura Harris

Network Marketing Professional

Marcus was brought into our organization and I was very skeptical at first about what he could do for me and the organization, but in just a short time the skepticism went away and he helped me realize that my old unconscious habits were preventing me from becomimg a great leader and communicator. Marcus came in weekly to meet with our Management Team and he always created a very safe environment so we could talk about our weaknesses and strengths and, over time, there were more strengths than weaknesses. I now start each day with a positive attitude and I know that no matter what challenges may come into my day, I have the tools to handle them in a positive and effective manner.

Robin L. Stevens

(former) Finance Manager & (current) Owner, Peterson Plumbing

I can attest to the strength of Marcus’ coaching. I was drowning in the chaos of my business when I called Marcus for help. Not only did he help me with my business, Marcus also coached me to see the world differently – through a positive lens that does not require perfectionism, but allows me the freedom to be whom I truly am…mistakes and all. Marcus has excellent ideas and can identify the challenge areas in life and business within moments of a discussion. He has a wealth of experience helping business owners and I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me and my company. I am grateful every day for Marcus’ coaching and friendship. Marcus is truly a one-of-a-kind individual who genuinely cares. Thank you again Marcus!

Christy Hovland

Writer & Owner, Hovland Marketing

On December 16, 2011, you presented to the Western Colorado Head Start staff at their annual holiday celebration and training session.  The topics selected for this presentation stemmed from a one-on-one conversation between the two of us as well as your participation at one of our team meetings. 

Since our organization is going through a change in management and structure we felt there was a need for training on topics relevant to organizational change including: communication, team building, relationships, reflection, professionalism, leadership, and work satisfaction.

I as well as the planning team agreed that your presentation was informational, enlightening, and inspirational and we hope that we will be able to work with you again.  Your level of enthusiasm for Life and working with people is evident and your energy is contagious.  This presentation was a wonderful way to conclude the first half of the school year for our staff.

I am attaching a summary of the responses from the evaluation forms and you will see that many staff commented on how much they enjoyed and benefitted from your presentation.  They also express a desire for more of this type of training. Some of the comments are: “very inspiring,” “loved the presenter can’t wait to use the information he gave us,” “this workshop hit home for me, and it really was inspiring,” and “this was awesome & Marcus was great.”

It has been my observation during this past year that themes related to interpersonal relationships, conflict management, honesty, and feeling safe to express thoughts and feelings in the workplace are topics that need attention and on-going professional development opportunities.

Marcus, I want to personally extend my appreciation and gratitude to you.  Your contribution of knowledge and inspiration could not have come at a better time for me and for our staff.  

Dolores Pitman

Operations Supervisor, Head Start - Western Colorado

Marcus Straub is an excellent, insightful, and encouraging Coach, who helped me to reach my personal and professional goals. Always encouraging, finding the bright side of any situation, and giving advice that truly changed my attitude and the way I approached situations, Marcus enabled me to meet and surpass the goals we set. He helped me to gain a new perspective; he taught me that in all situations something valuable can be learned, and that even difficult people in our lives can sharpen and help us to be the person we are striving to be. Marcus also taught me that life is about balance, working daily toward being our best and looking for the best in others.  After each session with Marcus, I was left feeling uplifted, more focused and prepared to tackle whatever life brought my way. Finally, our company, family and my personal relationships have become strengthened, as I learned how to be a more effective communicator. I am grateful for the coaching I received from Marcus. I am forever changed by it.

Leann Seale

Office Manager, Accurate Electrical Services

When I first started working with Marcus, my business and team were a mess. Quite frankly, I was a mess too. With Marcus’ assistance we definitely turned thigns around. He helped me to create the business and team that I’ve always envisioned. I am very pleased with the leadership tools and guidance he provided. Thank you Marcus!

Jeff Seale

President, Accurate Electrical Services

I have worked with Marcus on both a personal and professional level. As a Life Coach Marcus personally helped me regain control of my own feelings and attitudes. I was so impressed by his professionalism, deep caring, and unwavering desire to guide people to a new reality I engaged his services for my entire office. I brought Marcus Straub in as a Business Coach for my staff and myself. By removing all barriers and creating a safe environment where anyone can say anything without reprisal, he helped us build teamwork and focus on specific goals for both the business and each member personally. I saw my staff transform before my eyes. Productivity increased, sales volume increased, morale was always high, and our clients and business partners took notice!

Jim Smith

Business Professional

Marcus, Attached are the evaluations from the training you gave to HopeWest staff. You are getting ALL the evaluations in the raw so you can see/read exactly how much your training was appreciated. I felt that your training session was very interesting, helpful, and entertaining. Your gifts of time, energy, and effort are much appreciated. Thank you.

Mary Watson

Safety & Communication Projects Coordinator, HopeWest

Marcus has provided leadership training to our staff for many years. His unique style, positivity, and passion for his work are truly one-of-a-kind. I look forward to him engaging the up-and-coming leaders of our organization every year.

Amanda Fuoco

Executive Office Manager & Communications Coordinator, Mesa County Department of Human Services

Marcus worked with RSW Partners in providing motivational and sales training to one of our major clients. The results were outstanding. Marcus has the ability to engage diverse groups and lead them to discover their individual power to improve their personal lives and work situations. It is a winning formula and Marcus is a winning choice.

Tom Sawyer

(retired) President, RSW Partners

Marcus is a powerful, authentic, and positive business consultant and life coach. His services returned value exceeding my investment and far exceeding my expectations. He is always exceptionally engaged and engaging, accessible and responsive.   

Marcus possesses a high level of business acumen (wisdom) based on his real-world experience and decades of success supporting professional clients.  I recently engaged Marcus for four months to help in the achievement of my professional goals as a small-business entrepreneur. During a challenging phase in our business operations, Marcus provided performance-oriented strategic direction and valuable insight into our corporate strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

My work with Marcus has delivered level-upped effectiveness by harnessing my natural driving forces and leveraging my inherent talents.   

 Marcus’s wisdom and our ongoing relationship are priceless assets in the achievement of my personal fulfillment and professional goals.

I highly recommend Marcus’s services to anyone seeking personal growth and greater professional effectiveness.

Jay T. Slovick, M. Ed.

Director & CEO, Thriveworks Counseling

Marcus brought information that was used in our employees personal lives, which also impacted their work lives. His content and delivery was very well received by our employees. In my opinion, the benefits far exceeded the cost of his program.

Todd Young

Vice President, First National Bank of the Rockies

Marcus has made a huge difference in my personal & professional life because he is a highly effective Life and Business Coach.

It is my honor to recommend him to any organization or anyone who is interested in maximizing their time on the planet. Whether you want to achieve something specific or you are simply looking to enjoy greater satisfaction in your life, Marcus can help. Are you ready to supercharge your life, to “Ignite your greatness”? No matter your experience, race, religion, gender or age . . . if you are looking to improve your life, Marcus will be able to help.

He is such an incredibly caring man. He absolutely loves people, and he really loves helping people succeed, whatever that might mean for you. He has put an awesome amount of work into himself, using all the information he’s gathered through decades of rigorous study and training so that he really lives the timeless, foundational principles he teaches. Honestly, he’s like nobody I’ve ever met – such an extraordinary person. We can all learn something from Marcus, and it’s always been a great pleasure to work with him.

You may have seen on this website that he won the International Coach of the Year Award in 2011. Out of over 700 coaches, he was recognized by The Coaching Institute for outstanding results. This is no surprise to me because I’ve seen him in action. He knows what he is doing and he does it VERY WELL! I’m so grateful for all his contributions, not only to me and my business but to the world, which he’s making a better place every day. If you’re ready to start winning in the game of life, give him a try. That first session doesn’t cost a cent. I hope you will take that first step. I believe it will be well worth your time.

Glenn Foster

CEO, Talon Wine Brands, LLC

Marcus Straub presented a series of training sessions on communication skills to bank employees. We were in the process of strengthening our customer relationships and rolling out some new sales/promotion techniques when it became clear that we were missing some of the “basics” such as effective listening skills and positive communication techniques. Marcus’s presentation style and energy created a positive environment for our employees to explore their individual styles and share experiences with each other. There were many positive comments shared by bank employees at all levels and locations throughout the company.

Patti Roberts

Vice President/Human Resources, First National Bank of the Rockies

Marcus has applied his relentless positive approach, helping students to visualize their strengths and to challenge their weaknesses. My students can spot insincerity a mile away, and Marcus not only passes their litmus test, he engages the students in productive applications of their learning within literally a minute. By being realistic and positive, Marcus helps students to learn the important lessons necessary to be successful. I find his approach dynamic and the results immediate.

Al Kreinberg

R-5 High School

Consulting + Speaking

I want to thank you on behalf of the Mesa County Women’s Network for your fabulous presentation at our September meeting. Your presentation was relevant, high energy, and full of useful information. We have received very positive feedback from our membership regarding the keynote address, as well as the break-out session you hosted afterward. Here are some of the comments from our members when asked the question, ‘What did you like most about the event?

“Marcus gave a positive perspective to what many are experiencing in a negative way, giving solutions that give direction.”

“Positive presentation, inspirational message, and detailed explanations of the 3 types of individuals.”

“Very motivating!”

“His energy and positive attitude.”

“One can apply the principles he gave to all walks of life – marriage, friendships, business, etc. It was the best major presentation of those we’ve brought in to-date.”

“Marcus was an engaging speaker with an important message. I appreciate his directness, compassion, and honesty.”

“The positive message.”

Christy Hovland

(former) President, Mesa County Women’s Network

I am sure you get this all the time, but I attended your speech for the Mesa County Women’s Network last year and your discussion about doing what you love really inspired me. It inspired me so much that my husband and I did what we had to do to quit working for someone else and started our own company. It took a long time to get going, but we have a happiness and a freedom that I wish more people could enjoy. I am doing something I LOVE and actually living life to its fullest now. I have always been a very positive person but now I feel like I have no limits and that is an unbelievable feeling.  Just wanted to say THANK YOU Marcus!!!

Erika Jones

Owner, Synergy Marketing Consultants

Marcus’ coaching style is presentated as lessons learned through personal life experiences – experiences that we have all unconsciously found ourselves in. I left the discussion with Marcus empowered to prioritize and balance the various responsibilities in my life. This empowerment comes from a self-evaluation of what we, as indivdiuals, personally feel gives us a quality of life. Marcus has a unique and highly effective approach in connecting with his audience on a personal level. I would recommend Marcus Straub’s services to any individual or organization looking to realign life’s priorities for a healthier and more desireable future. Thank you again for your keynote presentation at our conference. It was the highlight of the entire day.

Joseph R. Burtard

President, Mesa County Communication Officers Association

Marcus was just what our attendees needed at our annual state conference! He delivered a powerful and positive message that resonated through our crowd. Most importantly, his message was one that we could all relate to – focused, powerful, positive, and do-able. Our group left the conference motivated and energized thanks to Marcus!

Misty Sellden

President, Colorado Council on High School/College Relations

Case Studies

In 2011, First National Bank of the Rockies contracted Marcus Straub to provide customer service and personal skills training for our staff. This included branch managers, customer service representatives, tellers, loan officers, regional operations managers and call center staff in 10 bank locations throughout seven different markets.

Marcus brought to FNBR a different approach to employee training and a style that resonated well with our staff. Rather than focusing on traditional “sales” training, Marcus’s program helped our team members develop their listening skills and become more aware of how they interact with others, both in their professional and personal lives. Many of our employees commented that it was the best training they had ever received and that it had a profound effect on their lives.

Through information gathered through pre- and post-training questionnaires, it was evident that the training Marcus provided had a measurable and positive influence on staff attitudes toward their jobs, their employer and their customers. At First National Bank of the Rockies we put a premium on our customers’ experience, and there is no question that our investment in this training has resulted in a marked improvement in that experience. I would recommend Marcus Straub to any organization that wants to motivate their employees, improve their service, and build stronger interpersonal relationships.

Peter Y. Waller

Chairman, President & CEO, First National Bank of the Rockies

As the School Principal for the Division of Youth Corrections for Western Colorado, I am constantly seeking out guest speakers who could potentially make a difference in the lives of our highly troubled youth. After purchasing and reading his book, Is it Fun Being You?, I eagerly sought out Marcus and asked if he would be willing to donate his valuable time as our Guest Speaker at our Quarterly Awards Assembly for our facility.

Marcus was absolutely dynamic, and he literally had my students (and their families, probation officers, clinicians, and Safety & Security staff) on the edge of their seats, with some being moved to happy tears while they eagerly nodded their heads at Marcus’ words! Those tears were met with bright smiles when Marcus generously gave out copies of his book for students and staff. The next day, a grandparent called to find out where she could purchase Marcus’ book, because he had inspired her grandson who had just happened to be in the audience that day. This young man was headed down the same path of destruction followed by his juvenile delinquent older sister (who is a student in our facility). But in a 45-minute speech, he literally changed the path of this youth and his sister!

Additionally, a student who we later moved to the highest security youth correctional facility in the State wrote a heartfelt letter to Marcus, describing his moment of clarity in wanting a better life for himself and professed his commitment to change his criminogenic thinking patterns. This is a student who has had some of the best clinicians and psychologists in Colorado working with him, but nothing had made the difference – until he heard Marcus’ message!

Marcus Straub is an exceptional Life Coach, who has the uncanny gift of being able to reach the unreachable. He is undoubtedly a true hero for all of us!

Cindy M. Ficklin, Ed. S., M. Ed.

Former President, Grand Mesa YSC Division of Youth Corrections