Is It Fun Being You?

The Journey to Lasting Happiness



Is It Fun Being You? Book

Is It Fun Being You?

The Journey to Lasting Happiness



Is It Fun Being You? Book

About the Book

“Clear your mind. Open your heart. Get ready to understand yourself, your purpose, and your life in a whole new way…”

Every once in a while, we run across somebody that will completely change the direction of our lives. Marcus Straub is one of these people for you.

In his book, Is It Fun Being You?, Marcus uncovers the secrets for living an enjoyable, fulfilled life, experiencing just how much fun you can have being you.

When it comes to personal development and living a life that you truly desire and deserve, Marcus has the ability to show you the way. He gives you a step-by-step system to create a greater level of consciousness in your life and uncover what’s really important to you.

No matter where you are in your life’s journey, Marcus helps you take control of your levels of happiness, peace, and fulfillment.

Kenny Chapman, Author
The Six Dimensions of Change


“This is a fabulous, easy read that will get you feeling positive and powerful before you’re even done reading it. This isn’t your standard ‘self-help’ book! ~ Jennifer G.

“Love your book, Marcus! It’s a must-read.” ~ Jennifer S.

“An EXCELLENT book, a very worthy read!” ~ Shawn H. 

“Love it, Marcus. It is a GREAT book! ~ Nick S.

“This is a book that has made a tremendous impact on my life in countless ways, and it can in yours too. Not only is it FUN to read (and short enough to read over and over again), but it teaches the simplicity of owning your own happiness…no matter what may be ‘happening’ around you. This one is too great not to own and share with others!” ~ Kellie S.

“This is an incredible book that is power packed with tools and information that will improve your life!” ~ Kenny C.

Marcus has managed to give us a great guide on how to have more fun. He asked the question, ‘How can I be consistently happy?’ and set out to find the answer. What he discovered is revealed in this small but powerful book. He tells of his personal experiences and helps lay out the framework that he followed to discover his answer. He then invites his reader to take the journey as well. I am grateful that he did, as I have used his techniques and have found the power to control my thoughts and therefore, how I feel. It is amazing how many long, deeply ingrained beliefs were impacting my state of joy. By taking Marcus’ invitation to “play” with the tips he outlines, I have found more joy and fun in every area of my life. I encourage you to purchase the book and see if you too can increase the level of fun and enjoyment in your life. After all, this is the only life you get.” ~ Kim H.

“This man changed my life! I would recommend this book to anyone who is depressed or lost in their being. He is such an inspiration!” ~ Gayden S. 

“This book is amazing!” ~ Kaye W. 

“You will find yourself sitting behind the wheel of your personal life–your personal vehicle to get you from where you NOW to where you not only yearn to BE but NEED to be for lasting personal happiness. In this book, your journey will begin with a full tank of easy and practical processes, processes that incorporate ‘something’ called TDSF. You’ve never heard of this before? Maybe it’s because you just may not be where you WANT to be nor NEED to be in your life. Once on this journey and in your rearview mirror, you will see your past thought, behavior, and verbal patterns that have driven your feelings. Invest a little money in the book or better yet, do that AND invest a little time to attend one of Marcus’ presentations! Start your journey and don’t look back!” ~Bob M

A testimonial story in action…

“My spouse and I were supposed to get away for the weekend. We had not had a ‘break’ from the kids in WAY too long and booked four nights away at a campground just north of the AZ border. All week, Doug’s hip was bothering him–pain, couldn’t get it stretched out, and no relief from chiropractic work. After four nights in a row of tossing, turning, icing, and nothing touching the pain, we canceled our reservations. Disappointed that we couldn’t take our new truck out for its maiden voyage with the RV, we made an appointment with our doctor and left for work. As I turned out of the cul de sac from our house, our new truck died in the middle of the road. After some time, I got it turned around, switched cars, and headed toward work. Now I’m really mad as my day is getting more frustrating. On my way, I realized I left my purse in the truck and had to turn around. I had left in time to be EARLY for our Board meeting and now I was 10 minutes late. I wanted to cry.


 I stopped. I remembered the book I’d been reading. While waiting at the light, I told myself this was out of my control. I told myself this was a gift that I just didn’t understand yet. I called my boss; he asked if I needed help, then told me not to worry and to arrive safe. I thanked God for Spring, the sunshine, and this gift I did not yet understand. I slowed down and stopped speeding and running lights. My day turned around from my thoughts!

Later that day Doug called after he’d gone to the doctor’s office. He was diagnosed with Shingles, a very painful nerve virus in the chicken pox family. We were both so thankful we canceled the weekend. We got him his meds and he started feeling better almost immediately. Had the truck not broken down or we forced a bad situation, we’d have been broken down and in pain in a remote area without so much as a doctor! I’m so grateful for this, but also for my attitude. Ultimately, my kids left to visit their dad out of town so we still got a quiet weekend together. It all works out in the end!

Thanks for you, Marcus. Thanks for the book. Thanks for working with me. Have a GREAT weekend!” ~Amy R.