The Caring Company

Caring companies change the world!

Companies and organizations of all sizes add tremendous value to the world. They can make a profound difference, especially when owners, leaders, and managers care about every aspect of the business – from the revenue they generate to the people and communities they serve.

While successful businesses must focus on the bottom line and increase revenues in order to stay open, adapt, evolve, grow, and expand, caring companies consistently pour into their valued team members, loyal customers, and local communities.

Through their ongoing actions and commitments, these companies experience unprecedented loyalty and growth, both shortand long-term. Not only do they deliver exceptional products and services that drive success and profitability, they consistently give back to those who make it possible for them to thrive.

Organizational leaders looking to expand their operations, create a more profound professional experience, and develop expansive win/win/win opportunities are encouraged to explore The Caring Company™ program offered exclusively through Life Is Great! Coaching & Consulting. Companies that understand and use their influence appropriately make a lasting impact in the lives of everyone they touch and the world as a whole.


Who Can Benefit?

Companies and organizations of all sizes and in all locations can benefit from The Caring Company™ program. Whether looking to make minor improvements or major changes – from internal structure to hiring procedures to overall product or service modifications – the program is designed to meet and exceed identified needs through a comprehensive intake analysis that takes all critical personnel, customer requirements, and community needs into consideration.

What is Included?

Each custom-designed program includes a FREE Exploratory Session, a comprehensive Goals Report, and a prearranged number of coaching or consulting sessions. A variety of statistically accurate, personal or professional assessments may also be integrated to meet set goals and maximize individual results. Before entering into a flexible coaching agreement, all program details will be reviewed together in detail to ensure understanding.

How Long is the Program?

While every situation is unique, most individuals enroll in a three or six month coaching program to start. This approach provides enough time to create momentum and achieve measurable results. How long you choose to continue coaching depends on you and the results you want to achieve. At LIG Coaching, our goal is to empower you in the face of your reality and help you become your own coach in the shortest period of time. You can always add on additional coaching sessions or come back for tune-ups along the way!

What is the Investment?

Investing in quality coaching is affordable because of its high ROI. If you are committed and willing to do the work, it will likely be the most important contribution you ever make in yourself and your future. After your FREE Exploratory Session, we will work together to determine the best course of action and create a customized program plan with your availability and budget in mind. And, because you are never locked into a contract, you can modify your program at any time

Marcus was brought into our organization about four years ago and I was very skeptical at first about what he could do for me or the organization, but in just a short time the skepticism went away and he helped me realize that my old unconscious habits were preventing me from becoming a great leader and communicator.  

Marcus came in weekly to meet with our Management Team and he always created a very safe environment so we could talk about our weaknesses and strengths and over time there were more strengths than weaknesses. I now start each day with a positive attitude and I know that no matter what challenges may come into my day I have the tools to handle them in a positive and effective manner.

Robin Stevens

CEO, Peterson Plumbing

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