The Resilient Relationship

Resilient Relationships create a ripple effect!

Our relationships are the backbone of our existence. They are an integral part of our lives and essential to our happiness, satisfaction, and overall well-being. They connect us with others, bring us joy, and fill our lives with meaning, They empower us to be the very best we can be.
All individuals have at least one pivotal and essential relationship: the one with themselves.

The Resilient Relationship™ program, in an effort to create greater levels of self-love, selfrespect, and self-confidence, begins there and stretches into the vast array of personal and professional relationships we share with others. Solid, genuine, and sincere relationships allow us to navigate the ups and downs of life with grace, better manage our work with others, and make room for individual differences.

While successful relationships elevate our experiences in all areas of life, even the best ones come with their own unique set of challenges. If you are looking to improve your interpersonal relationships, The Resilient Relationship™ program is designed for you. Every person involved is encouraged to enroll as we work together to create a customized program designed to meet your unique needs, achieve your specified goals, and change your reality for the better!


Who Can Benefit?

Individuals in all types of relationships, both personal and professional, can benefit from The Resilient Relationship™. Examples of those who choose to participate include: married or engaged couples, divorcees, blended families, siblings, friends, parents and children, business partners, co-workers, and more. Whatever your situation, we will work to bolster your communication, build your connection, establish common ground, and help you understand one another better!

What is Included?

Each custom-designed program includes a FREE Exploratory Session, a comprehensive Goals Report, and a prearranged number of coaching sessions. A variety of statistically accurate, personalized assessments may also be integrated to meet set goals and maximize individual results. Before entering into a flexible coaching agreement, all program details will be reviewed together in detail to ensure understanding.

How Long is the Program?

While every situation is unique, most individuals enroll in a three or six month coaching program to start. This approach provides enough time to create momentum and achieve measurable results. How long you choose to continue coaching depends on you and the results you want to achieve. At LIG Coaching, our goal is to empower you in the face of your reality and help you become your own coach in the shortest period of time. You can always add on additional coaching sessions or come back for tune-ups along the way!

What is the Investment?

Investing in quality coaching is affordable because of its high ROI. If you are committed and willing to do the work, it will likely be the most important contribution you ever make in yourself and your future. After your FREE Exploratory Session, we will work together to determine the best course of action and create a customized program plan with your availability and budget in mind. And, because you are never locked into a contract, you can modify your program at any time.

Marcus is incredible!

He really takes the time to sit and listen to what’s going on, then comes up with weekly goals to help us work through the specific issues. He is always willing to talk if I need advice or help in between sessions.

The DISC Assessment has really helped me learn about myself and my fiancé better and helped us learn to communicate and strengthen our “dance” of a relationship.

I highly recommend Life Is Great! Coaching & Consulting. Thank you, Marcus!

Mackenzi Cash

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