Coaching Tip #996 “Understanding”

by Marcus

In conversations of all types, people want to be listened to, heard and understood. When this isn’t the case, defending one’s position and being right often takes center stage. We all have thoughts and feelings which carry a lot of weight and importance for us, and in sharing them, we are expressing and exposing ourselves. The hope that each of us has is, that we will be honored as the unique human being we are. That our thoughts and emotions, while not always accepted, will be given a safe place to be shared. And, that in the end there is room for us in the hearts and minds of others, flaws and all. Make time to truly listen to those you are speaking with. Hear their thoughts and feelings rather than judging them, and make some room in your life for the differences between you. Relationship is about working together to create understanding, it’s not about being right.

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This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper.

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