Coaching Tip #1033 “Re-Mind Yourself”

by Marcus

With life’s hectic pace – businesses to run, jobs to do, kids to raise, parents to care for and every other challenge that life contains – it can be easy to get distracted, become overwhelmed or forgetful and take the ones you love for granted. In this state, happy memories fade, great moments shared lose definition and the magnetic pull of your love weakens. This is never the best choice, all be it most often an unconscious one, in relationships that contain the joy and happiness you desire and need. Revisit the past with those you love through letters written (or in today’s world emails), cards and photos. Re-Mind yourself of how very much they mean to you. Feel the love and connection you share and have nurtured to this point, and commit to reengage the person, relationship and connection that you have lost sight of in your busyness. Revisiting the meaningful and happy moments in your life with those dearest to you reinvigorates the connection and love and opens the door to an even better relationship with them going forward.

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This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper.

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