Coaching Tip #1030 “Empowerment”

by Marcus

Stress, anxiety and worry can consume you and the quality of our life if you don’t take back the power you have given them. No doubt, there are things in life to pay attention to, be aware of and to be concerned about, but there is no real need to make situations bigger and scarier than they truly are. As you find yourself stressing, worrying and obsessing about a situation stop yourself from going any further by taking a few slow, deep breaths and then write out your concerns. Once you get them down on paper where you can see them, they begin to become manageable. Next, ask yourself what aspects you are in control of and take action on those things. Exercising control where you can and letting the rest go will empower you through your stress, anxiety and worry.

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This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper.

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