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by Marcus

Do you want to increase collaboration and the overall performance of your team? Have you ever wished you had access to clear-cut information that would enable you to place your team members in positions where they’d be the most effective and happy? Would identifying specific areas of training and professional development for your staff that would provide the greatest return on your investment appeal to you?

One of the biggest challenges you face in creating a company that stands head and shoulders above the rest is a lack of credible, unbiased information. It’s what you don’t know or are even aware of that really limits your potential. In considering the future growth of your business, having clear, powerful and accurate information that positions you to develop and maintain the best team possible will be key to your success.

Assessments that measure behaviors, not personality, offer the best choice. In particular, the Targeted Training International family of assessments provides the top of the line in accuracy, comprehensiveness and usefulness when it comes to accomplishing great developmental feats with your team members.

The most comprehensive assessment available is the TTI TriMetrix HD Coaching Report. This assessment provides powerful information on the behaviors of team members, what motivates them, their business acumen and top 25 competencies.

Behaviors: With the behavioral results from a TriMetrix HD assessment, individuals learn to understand, appreciate and adapt their behavioral styles for effective communication. Based on DISC theory, behavior is measured in four dimensions — dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance — and then translated into a hierarchy of 12 behavioral traits scored on a 10-point scale. Results enhance the hiring and staff development processes by revealing how an individual will perform. Furthermore, behavioral coaching empowers individuals to take action toward professional growth.

Motivators: Motivators drive our behaviors and actions. Motivators are measured in six distinct areas: theoretical, utilitarian, aesthetic, social, individualistic and traditional. With the knowledge of motivators, you can position and encourage team members in ways that satisfy their inner drive right from the start. The results will benefit both hiring and coaching initiatives by revealing why an individual acts the way they do and what motivates their behaviors.

Business acumen indicator: The TriMetrix HD talent assessment is unique in its ability to assess how astutely a person analyzes and interprets their experiences. A person’s acumen, or keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of performance. The stronger a person’s acumen, the more aware they are of their reality in both their external and internal world and the better they are at responding effectively to them. This report offers insight into the thought processes of the individual that affect performance and reveals what they can do, describing their potential for superior performance. The TriMetrix HD can also bring to light potential they possess, but might not have used on the job.

Competencies/attributes: The TriMetrix HD report describes what an individual’s strengths are in 25 research-based capacities, or personal skills, directly related to the business environment. Through the assessment of an individual’s skills, this quantitative measurement tool analyzes each capacity on three levels: mastery, some mastery and no mastery. The top skills outlined in the report highlight individuals’ well-developed capabilities and reveal areas where they’re most effective. When used as a benchmarking tool, this component helps ensure the inherent skills of each individual match the personal skills required by the job.

These assessments provide business owners with high- quality, unbiased information that’s critical in the successful placement and development of your team members. The TriMetrix HD Coaching Report provides a level of understanding and clarity you and your team can’t get anywhere else. Combined with professional training, this powerful information creates greater buy-in and enhances communication, teamwork and collaboration that in turn increases productivity, job satisfaction and talent retention.

Improvement in business performance is exceptional. The companies I work with experience amazing results after having gone through the assessment and overview process, accompanied by my coaching and training programs that position individuals for success.

If you’re going to place team members successfully, overcome gaps in ability, obtain the highest return on your trainings, retain top talent and stand out in the marketplace, then assessments and professional development are essential to your success.

Marcus Straub owns Life is Great! Inc. in Grand Junction. His personalized coaching and consulting services help individuals, business owners, executives and companies build teams, organizations and lives that are filled with happiness and success. He is the winner of the 2011 International Coach of the Year Award, and is also the author of “Is It Fun Being You?.” He is available for free consultations regarding coaching, speaking and trainings. Reach Straub by phone at 208-3150, by e-mail at marcus@lifeisgreatcoaching.com or on the website at www.lifeisgreatcoaching.com.

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This article was written for and published in collaboration with The Business Times newspaper.


Marcus Straub

Author Marcus Straub

Marcus Straub is Founder and CEO of Life Is Great!™ (LIG) Coaching and Consulting, Inc. based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Serving individuals of all ages and companies of all sizes, in locations across the country and around the world, Marcus specializes in the development of customized programs tailored to meet the unique goals of each individual client. Purposefully created to guide those involved toward unprecedented personal, professional, and organizational growth, Marcus has become well-known for his straightforward approach and systematic techniques.