Why Everyone Needs a Time-Out

by Marcus


Why Everyone Needs A Time-Out

We’ve all experienced it.

Those moments where we have so much to do, so much to think about, so much to catch up on, so much to know, so much to learn, so much “stuff” piling up, so much to take care of and get done – both personal and professional – that we don’t even know where to begin or what to do…

So we do the only thing we can do….

We freeze in our own tracks. We panic. We retract.

We create a swirling black hole of failure and plop ourselves down right in the middle of it.even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!

As bright, sophisticated, intellectual, observant, passionate entrepreneurs, it can be easy to let these thoughts of failure overwhelm us…even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!

  • To create something out of nothing…even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!
  • To operate under assumptions…even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!
  • To take things personally…even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!
  • To create mountains out of molehills…even though we know for a fact that we’re the farthest thing from being a “failure”!
  • To feed the mind monsters (negativity, worry, doubt, fear, regret, anger, frustration, etc) who thrive on making up stories about what people will or won’t say – or do or not do – if we actually pick up the phone and start making solid efforts to build and grow our businesses.
  • To get totally overwhelmed.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Drink some Wellness Tea.

Overwhelm is a reality we all face from time to time, but the good news?

You CAN do something about it.

In order to move from where you are to where you want to be – and to fulfill the desires you have for your business and the dreams you have for your life – you have to take action.

But at the same time, you have to take care of yourself.

In fact, it’s when we take the best car of ourselves that we are capable of the most massive action.


Your next task isn’t to the door and write a thousand outgoing emails.

Your next task isn’t to bury yourself in your work for the next twenty-four hours straight.

Your next task is to hit “pause” and regroup.

It’s to put yourself in a TEMPORARY “time out” to rest, refresh, regroup and reprioritize.

It’s to give yourself some grace.

Then, after that, you can get back on track by creating a predictable plan and engaging in activities and action steps that are destined to deliver guaranteed results.

Today, in response to your overwhelm, I’m giving you permission to put yourself in a TEMPORARY 15 or 30-minute “time out”.

  • Close the door.
  • Turn on some music.
  • Sing out loud, dance like a maniac.
  • Go for a run or lift some weights.
  • Clear your desk (seriously – of everything!) and sweep out your mind.
  • Check out…completely.


And when you return to reality, return with a PLAN:

  • Write down the top five things that demand your immediate attention.
  • Put them in order of priority.
  • Start with the most predictable one and feel how good it is to do it and check it off the list!


And remember this too: You have no problems.

  • Challenges? Maybe.
  • Difficulties? Perhaps.
  • Frustrations? Sure.
  • But true “problems”? No. Not really.


You’re alive.

You’re breathing.

You have your health and unlimited resources to become anything you desire to be.

Don’t pull your hair OUT…pull it BACK and hit the ground running.

Reboot. Reach out. Grow.

Greater possibilities are awaiting!

It’s time.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

Hugs & Happiness,

kellie caldwell greater possiblities signature

PS: Wine, beer & cocktails are optional during “time out”. 🙂


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Marcus Straub

Author Marcus Straub

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