Control Only What You Can

by Marcus


Control What You Can. Let Go of What you Can't.

Sounds simple enough, yes?

“Control what you can. Let go of what you can’t.”


But, it’s not always easy to do.

Those ten little words – combined together in perfect order – comprise one of the most powerful and influential pieces of advice I’ve ever received.

Even though I’ve heard similar statements before, the advice this time came to me from my husband, Life & Business Coach Marcus Straub, during one of the most challenging times of my life…

And has proven itself effective time and again over the years as I’ve applied it to create greater levels of happiness and success in both life and business.

Do I have it mastered? No.

Do I work on it as a practice daily? Yes.

Do I believe that it works and applies to all of us? Absolutely!

As you continue to sit in the driver’s seat of your business…

A business that is deeply entrenched in the making of connections and the building of relationships with other human beings…

It’s going to be critically important that – in addition to keeping your foot on the gas pedal – you embrace this simple truth:

“Control what you can. Let go of what you can’t.”

What is the one thing you can control? YOU.

What is the one thing you can not control? OTHERS.

Simple as that.

Fact: You will never be able to control what others do or say.

Fact: You will never be able to accurately assess what’s going on in the hearts, minds, spirits or homes of others.

Fact: You are not in control of anyone or anything outside of you.

Fact: You are only in control of YOU…every thought, action, word & feeling that creates YOUR reality.

Fact: You will never be able to control what others do or say.


Right now, close your eyes.

Assess your heart and mind.

Check in with your spirit.

Are there things you’re trying to control that aren’t yours to control?

Are you making assumptions or taking things personally when they have nothing to do with you?

Are you focused on your reality and “keeping the main thing the main thing”? Are you engaged in gossip and drama?

Or, are you fully focused on the living of YOUR life… and YOUR business, despite what anyone else does, says, believes or advises?

On the creation of YOUR business…despite what anyone else does, says, believes or advises?

Despite what anyone else does, says, believes or advises?

If anything is working on you that has nothing to do with you…

Or that is out of your control…

I’d strongly encourage you to write those things down.

Get them on paper and out of you.

Then, go have yourself a quiet little torching ceremony.

“Control what you can. Let go of what you can’t.”

Hugs & Happiness,



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Marcus Straub

Author Marcus Straub

Marcus Straub is Founder and CEO of Life Is Great!™ (LIG) Coaching and Consulting, Inc. based in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Serving individuals of all ages and companies of all sizes, in locations across the country and around the world, Marcus specializes in the development of customized programs tailored to meet the unique goals of each individual client. Purposefully created to guide those involved toward unprecedented personal, professional, and organizational growth, Marcus has become well-known for his straightforward approach and systematic techniques.